Hello. It’s me…

So I should open this post by saying:

“Hi, my name is XXX and I’m a bad blogger. It’s been 3 months since my last post.”

Yup…I suck. I’ve committed the worst (most cliché) blogging crime.

Alas, it is what it is. I have that Adele song stuck in my head, hence today’s title. I wish I could say I’m jumping back into the swing of things because a brilliant topic has just struck me. I actually have a whole list of brilliant marketing topics to talk about, but I’ve been feeling unmotivated to write about them. I know, it’s so unlike me!

What I really want to talk about are things less specific to marketing, and more about work life in general. I’m so sorry to tease you with my reemergence only to fail to deliver a useful marketing insights. I think there will be some nuggets in here.

The rest of this is for me. I give you permission to stop reading now.

No? Okay, here it is…

I think I’ve been feeling uninspired to write not because I don’t have things to say, but because I have hesitated to say them. I’m mad at myself for admitting that, and even madder (word?) at myself for censoring myself because I created this blog literally for the purpose of allowing myself to share what’s on my mind, uncensored (it’s in the logo!!). Once again I’ll say it…I suck.

So here’s what’s been on my mind…I’m afraid of being mediocre. Being mediocre when I believe I could have been better frustrates the shit out of me. I’m about to have a birthday, and I don’t feel like I’ve accomplished much since the last one. When I get invited to attend a conference I think to myself ‘shit [self], why didn’t you get invited to speak?‘ And then I read the bios of the speakers and think ‘wow, they’ve accomplished so much more than me. dammit.

And here’s what’s even scarier. I’m sick. I have serious health problems and I hate to admit it, but they might get in my way. I refuse to accept it, but it scares me every day. My life choices have become colored by this malady that is this body I was born with. I frequently see stories of people who achieved great things despite the odds and obstacles and it doesn’t inspire me, it scares me because despite trying, I haven’t achieved those things and I’m already tired.

Don’t get me wrong, I have a great life and I’m very lucky…but I could do more. I could be more. I could….but I’m not.

My (non work) life is distracting me from my work life more now than ever before. And as I’ve become this distracted (some may say more normal and balanced) person I have realized something: most other people (not the crazy work obsessed ‘successful’ people I look up to, but normal people) are distracted and looking for balance in their lives, too. This means they’re not thinking about their jobs and what shit we’re trying to market (sell) to them all day every day.

I used to look at every email that hit my inbox. Now, if it’s not from someone I know, I delete it immediately. Without a second thought. I’m so busy, stressed out, and distracted that I don’t have the time or emotional energy to look at one single email more than I have to. And it occurs to me that may be true for my (our) audience, too.

I used to think sending marketing emails so that hit an exec’s inbox on a Sunday evening was brilliant. S/he’s probably checking email before the Monday chaos hits, and their admin isn’t getting in the way deleting potentially unwanted emails.  It’s the perfect time to stand out and get their attention. Now I’m the recipient of that brilliant idea and it get’s my attention only long enough to frustrate me that I might start my Monday morning with unread emails. Solution: delete with fury (I hate people like me).

People who have waitressed before will tell you that they carry great sympathy and respect for their waitress when they’re good, and the opposite when they’re not so good. I feel similarly about marketers, and bad marketing emails make me extra critical and extra cranky. I used to at least review them and give them a thought. Now I don’t have the time. Delete.

What’s my point? More people are probably like me (now). Marketers have a tough job ahead of them. We all say it: Right person, right message, right time. And that’s right. And it’s hard. It takes discipline, thought and effort. And god dammit I just do not have the patience for undisciplined, inconsiderate, lazy marketers.

I’m so afraid of becoming that marketer. You should be, too.

If you’re still reading, thank you. My last piece of wisdom to share today is the there’s something very cathartic about writing down your thoughts. You should try it.

Sassy Marketer out.



P.S. Another cathartic activity is adult coloring books. A friend and former coworker turned me on to it during a rough time. Hence the image accompanying this post.

4 thoughts on “Hello. It’s me…

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