The Best Marketers are Wargs

People with the ability to enter the minds of others and perceive the world through their senses and even control their actions.

Cultures all over the world and throughout history have told stories of mythical beings, such as this, with the power to see into the minds of others and even control them:psychics, vampires, Satori, Professor X, Hera…and the list goes on.

Why is this ‘power’ so prevalent in stories of both feared and revered characters? Because it is in fact a great power to have. Just to be able to see into the minds of others can arm us with insights that allow us to influence them, serve them, attract them, delight them and even control them.

So what does this have to do with marketing?

Nowadays marketers must be customer-obsessed. And what better way to connect to our obsession than to enter their minds and understand their thoughts? We all have this power within us. Seriously, we do.

The way to realize this power is to pay attention. Listen, observe, exercise some common sense and consideration and you will be surprised how much you can learn and how well you can connect with your customer. Consider everything you do from their point of view first.

Some things to pay attention to:

  • Where are your customers? Whether its physical location, situational considerations (ie in the middle of a M&A) or spending time on niche blogs and forums. All these things matter as they can inform your message and interaction strategy
  • What are your customers doing? Are they interacting with you – why or why not? Have they been talking to sales? Have they been using the services they’ve bought from you? All of this adds context to your interaction.
  • Why are they your customer? What challenges or need do you fill? Are you fulfilling this? Could you do better? Are they happy with you? You wouldn’t try to upsell and unhappy customer would you? You might…if you didn’t know they were unhappy (whomp whomp)
  • How are they interacting with you? Do they visit your website? Do they log into their customer portal? Do they open emails? Are they unsubscribed? These may be signs they’re happy and could be a good advocate, or looking for more value and need some guidance (or an upsell), or annoyed and on the edge of being done with you.

Of course, to gain these insights you need technology and data. These are necessary tools to unlock your inner mind-reading power. If you have this, you have what you need to be a great and powerful warg – maybe even the mind controlling kind.

It takes practice, discipline, and willingness to take a step back and put yourself in their shoes and evaluate the information at your disposal.
But you’re willing to do this because you’re customer-obsessed. And you must do this because if you cannot excite and delight your customer you are doomed to fail…or at least doomed to be mediocre. And who wants to be a mediocre marketer?

For more insight into “Customer-Obsessed Marketing” check out this post by Oracle CEO, Mark Hurd: Customer-Obsessed Marketing Is Your Next Competitive Edge

Originally posted on LinkedIn – Jan 29, 2015

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